Basic Motorcycle Riding

1,500.00 SAR



  •  Basic courses are recommended as the first step for all new riders. This level provides expert instruction and observed practice in a safe and comfortable environment, so new riders will be less overwhelmed and in control when they finally hit the road solo.

Basic courses generally consist of two parts.

      • The first part is a theory through a booklet that the student will read and understand. The booklet will help the student understanding how the mental processes, what to look for and how to anticipate risks, then pass the required exam.
      • The second part is the field training: where the student will learn all the techniques required to handle the motorcycle on the road. Such as emergency stopping and cornering.
      • The duration of the course depends on your ability to complete all the skills required. Usually, the book needs two days.And field training from two to three days.
        Three to four hours a day.
        And if you need additional hours, we will provide it to you without any additional fees.
        Also, we will provide you with everything you need during training, from bike, helmet, etc.
        Training timing will be arranged according to your time and the capabilities of the institute. the field training will take place during the weekday, at night after 5 pm. Or, on Fridays and Saturdays, training can take place at any time that suits you.
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