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Know More About Our Bikers Skills Institute

Who We Are

Just like you, we are bikers who enjoy riding motorcycles. We understand what it means to be on two wheels. We are experienced, well trained, and certified instructors. Moreover, we hate to see bikers going down.

Bikers Skills Institute

Our Mission

Provide accessible, affordable, Premium quality of motorcycle training education.

Bikers Skills Institute:

We are the first independent entity to conduct structured motorcycle
training in Saudi Arabia and the region, powered by professional, qualified, and certified
Bikers Skills was established in Saudi Arabia on 2011 as the first
organization specialized in providing motorcycle training in the region. It is
the top choice for motorcycle education. We are more of bikers oriented
than business oriented. We are also the first to provide bilingual training
in both Arabic and English. Bikers Skills focus on safety through skills.
Meaning that by advancing your skills and capabilities you will also
increase your safety margin on the road. Knowing is the first step in
making the right decision. It is our policy to keep updating and
improving our trainings by staying connected with the top motorcycle
organizations worldwide. This will help us insure that our trainings are
up to date with all change might take place in the motorcycle world.

Why take Courses?

It is a fact that no one’s experience matches your own. We all have our
diferent experiences.
Structured and defined training are built to cover more than just
personal experiences. It will prepare you for most of the situations that
you might face while riding motorcycle, which will give you a better
chance of dealing with it.


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