Kids Motorcycle School

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Kids Motorcycle School

  • Bikers Skills Institute provides annual membership to the children, including education with all its needs such as the motorcycle and full safety riding gear, in addition to a weekly practice for one year on on-road and off-road fields designed for children training.

  • Introducing youngsters to riding is a pretty exciting moment, not just for the children
    but also for the parents. Bikers Skills Institute has put together a guide of the training
    available out there that gives your kids a proper taste of life on two wheels. In a safe
    and fun environment.
  • The normal route for youngsters to try out riding a bike for the first time is off-road.
    Trials, motocross and enduro options are all available, from try-out days to one-to-one
    expert tuition at kid-specific training schools at a variety of locations around
    Dirab Motor Park. Parents can also get involved, be it riding alongside their child or
    offering encouragement from the sidelines.

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