سعر الدورة: 1500 ريال سعودي

وصف المقررات الدراسية:

دوره الدراجات الصحراویة المستوي الثاني:

Level 2 is based upon riders who already have done level 1 or already manage the techniques from the level 1 training.
We will start with a more difficult slalom. Then we will learn how to corner with a sliding blocked rear wheel. We will learn the proper technique to get over small obstacles like a piece of wood or a small tree. Turning on a slope, riding up and going down on bigger slopes.
The right cornering techniques. Sliding the bike over a round beam with the front wheel on one side and the rear wheel on the opposite side (like riding in deep ruds).
We will learn how to brake and slide with the rear wheel.
We will ride over a beam in the length to achieve the right balance with the body position.
We will make “A cheval” stops in the sand (stopping standing up and driving off without getting your feet off the pegs)

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